We Are Pressfully

An independent, web collaborative driven by great service and powerful stories.

Our Story

People Like Us Need Us
We believe that successful organizations and influential individuals are great because they are driven by purpose, not just profit. They build meaningful relationships, not just assets, accounts and portfolios. And they thrive by surrounding themselves with kindred spirits who help drive them, deliver them and empower them to be awesome.

At Pressfully, we believe that people like us, need us. We believe in community, collaboration & using the power of the web to bring about change – in our hearts, homes, city, nation, and world. We believe in service, beauty, hard work, and big dreams. Because dreaming big is the only way to make big dreams come true.

Better, Not Bigger
The web is changing. Daily. It is viral. It’s contagious. And it can change lives if we let it. Pressfully can compete with any WordPress maintenance and support group, anywhere. We really believe that. We won’t, but we can.

We approach our business with the understanding that “people like us, need us,” and that’s why we do what we do. Our goal is not to be big. We just want to be better. Every day. All the time. Our partners – big and small – deserve nothing less.

Our Philosophy
We all have opportunities to speak into the hearts and minds of the people we meet. At Pressfully, we believe that when we take advantage of these opportunities and embrace the idea of positively impacting the lives of others, we begin to share something much more powerful and meaningful than the service we provide. It becomes about creating and sustaining long-lasting and far-reaching relationships.


We partner with passionate and like-minded individuals, businesses, organizations and causes who have aggressive hopes and goals for tomorrow and beyond. We call ‘em kindred spirits, and we know that our ideas can only be as great as the people for whom we imagine.